My Google Voice Calling Cards arrived!

googlevoicecallingcard Google Voice was holding a promotion where you could get 25 free calling cards. I thought I had missed it, but kept watch on my Google Voice page and suddenly the link appeared! I grabbed at the opportunity. That was only a few business days ago, and here they are, just arrived!

The cards can be printed with your Google number as well as your name and (optionally) your email address, mailing address, business, etc. I opted for my name, number, and school email. They are good quality cards, on good paper and bright colors. They’re not really blurry – that’s my cell phone camera at it’s finest. (I don’t currently own a working camera, but I need one!)

If you have a Google Voice account and didn’t hear of this offer, you may still be able to get in! Check your Google Voice page and look under your balance on the left bar. You can’t miss it, if it’s there for you. If not, the cards are from iPrint, so you may be able to order them there if you feel so inclined.

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