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Microsoft Security Essentials Connection Failed in Windows XP

I reformatted a laptop with Windows XP SP3; updated drivers, completely ran Windows Update, and installed Firefox and Microsoft Office. Then I went to install Microsoft Security Essentials. It installed fine, but when it tried to update virus and spyware … Continue reading

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On being selfish

In real life I’m selfish; I think mostly about myself in many of the things I do. On the contrary, on the internet I’m very selfless. I stop to answer a question on Stack Overflow, or post on a forum. … Continue reading

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iTunes Organization Problems

How do your organize your song library? I have a library of about 1,200 songs (which I just finished pruning from the 2,000 that it was a week ago). But even with the cruft now removed, I am still left … Continue reading

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First actual try with Unity

I just actually spent some time with Unity, unbiased and with the understanding that it’s a requirement of my school assignment. Turns out, it’s actually really awesome. Complicated, but awesome. Maybe I’ll post screenshots when I do more.

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How to Train Your Dragon

Is the best movie ever!

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iPod Airplane Mode

My iPod Touch 2G has been dying every few days. I hardly use it. So I figured the battery life is being drained by its constant wireless connection, despite having switched notifications practically off. I’m sure something was probably still … Continue reading

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Fresh start

I wanted to start this blog over again, but the existing posts are too funny. So this is my divider line; perhaps I’ll start posting more often here, and if so, this is the beginning of that new era. I’ll … Continue reading

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Cracking Into a WEP Wireless Network

The following is the list of commands to crack into a WEP network on Ubuntu. It works for me so I’m recording it here; your experience may vary.

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