An Exam Week Like No Other

My other exam weeks have been relaxing breaks at the end of a busy semester. They were the calm AFTER the storm; they were the time that I played video games (and almost every one, I got hooked on RuneScape again after not playing it all semester).

This exam week is different. Elizabeth and I are getting along okay I guess, not the best but there’s a lot of stress coming from me as she only has a couple exams. Then there’s the pressure to get Christmas gifts; I’m not exactly sure what I’m getting, and I’m trying to put it out of my mind until I actually get out shopping tomorrow, but it’s very difficult to just forget about it entirely. It’s that kind of unconscious worrying that is the root of my stress, even when my conscious mind has nothing to be stressed about.

I feel kinda burnt out too, after a whole semester of non-stop school and work. At the same time I feel somewhat unaccomplished. I haven’t done much programming this semester, especially not on personal projects. I feel like I’m a pretty good programmer but I need something to work on, and the motivation to actually work on it.

I have an idea in mind. I’m not going to post it publicly here. But I’m starting research on it and it will be a great learning experience; if I can actually complete it. My history shows I’m not very good at completing anything large (but in my defense, that’s a very common problem among people of all types). I just feel like I need something to get done!

I’m considering shaking off the cruft. I spend a lot of time in Twitter and Google Reader, and for very little benefit. I feel like I want to isolate myself from all the news and hype, find a programming project to work on, and spend my spare time programming instead of reading junk on Google Reader and checking Facebook.

But I’ve felt this way for quite a while now, and yet I continue. Will I ever actually do it? I guess deep down I wonder if it’s worth it.

Hmm, here’s a thought… What if I just back up all I have right now (Google Reader subscriptions, Twitter follow list, etc.), store it someplace in my Dropbox, and then remove it all? That way I can go back if I regret it.

It’s a solid idea. I’m going to give it some serious thought over the next few minutes or hours and maybe do it.

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