No More Twitter or GReader

I cast aside Twitter and Google Reader, at least for the moment. Maybe it’ll last; in the case of Google Reader, probably not, though I do need to trim down my subscriptions again. But I’m really wondering if Twitter is really worth keeping up with; there’s a lot of overhead in scrolling through tweets I don’t care about just to find one or two that I might actually care about.

I cleared Twitter from my phone and removed it from Adium. As far as Google Reader, there’s not really anything to clear about it (as I have to visit it manually).

Now it’s a matter of staying away from them, and finding something better to work on. Maybe I’ll start by browsing Git and Bitbucket for some project that I can fork and implement a feature of. I suppose my ultimate goal would be to get a push request accepted, which would signify me having made an impact on a piece of software.

Should this perhaps be a new year’s resolution?

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