An Effective All-Nighter

Many of my all-nighters are terrible and I end up regretting them, as necessary as they usually are. But tonight hasn’t been all too bad. I want to make note of the various things I’m doing, so that I can recreate it next time I need an all-nighter.

1. Comfortable spot on the couch; all my work surrounding me.

2. Focus! Occasional breaks to check Facebook, but for the most part, I’ve kept on task.

3. Soft Christmas music in the background. Substitute something else soft for any other time of year (e.g. trance or chillout or soft jazz).

4. My new Aromatherapy “Stress Relief” candle from Bath and Body Works. It smells great and seems to have worked; it’s been burning all night. It might be a placebo, but what’s the difference really? I believe in the candle therefore it helped. (thanks for buying it Elizabeth!)

5. Plenty of light and an open window in front of me to look out of (but not right in front of me; it is across the room and the blinds are mostly shut, so that I can just barely see out and it’s not a distraction).

6. Plenty of water. Also a couple cups of hot chocolate throughout the night (slightly caffeinated).

7. A good, filling dinner; I wasn’t hungry for a long time. Then when I got hungry around 5am, I realized it and popped a bag of popcorn. Not the best nighttime snack, but it worked.

8. Keeping warm! Long sleeve shirt, pants, and slippers. Cold is bad.

Also, a few don’ts: loud music. Headphones. Laying down or closing eyes.

When starting to feel tired, get up and walk around. Even go outside in the cold.

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