Chicken and Rice

Here’s my recipe for chicken and rice:

1 George Foreman grill, 1 pot with lid and spoon, 1 sharp knife to cut into the chicken, optionally something to flip chicken with
1 small chicken breast, optionally marinated for flavor
3/4 to 1 cup (uncooked) Minute Rice (or any other rice)

Preheat the grill. Cook the chicken breast on it for several minutes (5-8) until outside is light golden and inside has no pink (use the sharp knife to cut and check).

Prepare the rice. Depending on the type of rice you may want to do this beforehand.

Cut the chicken into small pieces. Mix into rice. Mix other things into it (e.g. vegetables or soy sauce or cheese or herbs).

Great for storing in tupperware and taking to school or work for lunch!

So I just wanted to formally write that up, as simple as it is. I think the biggest pain in that dish is the cleanup; the George Foreman grill is nonstick but still just a mess to clean up. Also I haven’t yet figured out what is best mixed into the chicken and rice. I assume a marinated chicken breast would be much more delicious but still the rice is so plain (especially Minute Rice). Oh well, I’ll keep experimenting until I find something that sticks.

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