In Over My Head


I’ve been particularly demotivated lately, but I finally decided to start figuring out how to develop an app for Mac and pretty quickly realized I’m in way over my head here. Xcode is a completely alien development environment for me, the Mac development style involves the use of Objective-C and Cocoa and other things that are somewhat distant from the Windows-based technologies I have learned, and it’s been so long since I last learned a whole new paradigm that I’m having trouble getting started.

I suppose the best thing to do at this point is probably to get a book. So this goes on hold until I get to the library. The good news is the library does have a good number (~21) of books on the topics of Objective-C and Cocoa!

Monday and Wednesday I have a block of 1 hour 45 minutes between two afternoon math classes near the library in the afternoon. Hmm…

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