Microsoft OneNote 2007 randomly creates shortcuts

I’m trying to grasp a very slippery issue lately. Several users have OneNote 2007 installed and are sharing a notebook over the network (via a shared network drive). One of them will open OneNote and sometimes (randomly) a shortcut to a tab will be created in the shared notebook. This occurs without the user even viewing that specific notebook and sometimes multiple shortcuts are created at once. Looking at the owners of the shortcuts, not everyone is affected by this bug. They are all running Windows 7 64-bit with an almost identical environment.

I found a few instances of it across the web but it seems to be a very scarce bug:

The best idea is probably to bump them to OneNote 2010 (and hope it doesn’t happen) but we are not yet ready to migrate users, so in the meantime I’ll need to try and find a solution.

I need to run Office Diagnostics on each of the computers. It might fix the problem automatically, if the moon is aligned just right.

I will update this page once I find a solution. If you are also having this issue, please comment, especially if you have something to add.

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3 Responses to Microsoft OneNote 2007 randomly creates shortcuts

  1. annet says:

    we have the randomly occurring shortcut issue also, about 20 users, onenote 2007, network share.

    here’s another case:


  2. Someone says:

    This is a test comment.

  3. Maria says:

    We have the similar problem running OneNote 2007, Win XP, 9 users sharing the notebook on a network drive.

    We can’t upgrade to 2010 yet.

    Typically we had a dozen or so shortcuts, today we have hundreds and they keep coming.

    Any answers yet?

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