Game Development Stack Exchange

Wow, did I actually write all of this? And is it really 19 points higher than the second best answer? I hardly remember this time period, when the website was just starting with very few active members and I was obsessively answering questions and climbing towards the #1 spot on the site.

I did reach #1, and stayed there for quite some time (a month or two?), but by then I had lost interest. Or to phrase it better, other people started being active on the website and I felt like my job was being done for me. Where before I felt a responsibility to answer questions because they might not otherwise get answered, now other people smarter than me were posting great answers and I had little to add. So I pretty much left and focused on school work and other stuff.

Now I’m wondering if I should hop back on the site, at least to observe and read all the great game development knowledge that’s going around, and maybe answer a question here or there.

(by the way, I’m currently #3, my username is Ricket)

I’m nervous about my future as a game developer. It sounds like it can be a tough field to break into, and I’m a little worried that I will just end up as some other type of developer and just making games on the side. Is that such a bad thing? No, of course not. I’m not really worried if that’s where I end up. I just need to be ready for defeat when I apply to the various game companies around here. The likelihood of them hiring me is very low despite how skilled I may think I am.

And of course, as with any job, I need proof that I’m a good game programmer. I don’t have that proof yet (because I’m not a good game programmer yet).

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