From Chrome and Firefox to Safari

I often switch back and forth between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. I can’t make up my mind! Chrome seems fast, even noticeably so right after switching from Firefox. But then I get annoyed by some little “niggle” of Chrome and end up running back to Firefox. Later Firefox starts being more unstable and it’s back to Chrome.

Well now I’ve decided to give Safari a good try, since I never actually gave it a wholehearted try. I’m so used to automatically shunning Internet Explorer that I equally shunned Safari as soon as I got my MacBook Pro.

It’s awesome that Adblock Plus is a Safari extension too, and works just as well as the Firefox version. I probably wouldn’t even consider using Safari without it. I can’t stand ads! Also Lastpass of course works in Safari and it seems to work just as well as Firefox, too! Xmarks worked well too, syncing my few bookmarks (mainly just the bookmark bar).

Other than developer extensions, the only other extension in my Firefox is Flashblock, but I’m hoping I won’t need that in Safari. I’ll see for sure, but my hopes are that the Flash plugin works well in Safari, in contrast to the many times it has slowed or frozen Firefox and Chrome (or even crashed, pretty frequently).

Only time will tell if I stay with Safari!

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