Downloading Content From Mediasite

If your professor disabled the ability to download the lectures, here’s the way to get around it. First, here’s the snippet you will need; then read below it for instructions.


On the lectures list, hover over the link to the lecture you want and copy the peid from the URL. Put it after “DownloadPresentation” in the above JavaScript snippet, and add dashes exactly where that peid has them – you should have an extra “1d” on the end which you should just delete. Then run that javascript on the lecture list, and the download dialog will pop up.

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5 Responses to Downloading Content From Mediasite

  1. Maria says:


    I luckily stumbled on this post after hours of searching how to download mediasite content. Not only has our prof disabled the ability to download lectures but they also become unavailable next week.

    I have tried following the instructions on your post but have not had much luck. I am getting back error messages and I know I am probably doing something wrong. I would really really appreciate your help if possible.



  2. roarlad says:

    I’m having the same issue,
    I can see lectures, but am getting:
    A problem occurred while downloading the presentation.
    when I try to download the presentation, are you sure the
    it should read: ‘__Page’ ???
    any help would be appreciated.

    • Richard says:

      I’m sorry, I just wrote about the process that worked for me. Mediasite has some alternate views, some of which don’t work with this method. In Maria’s case, for example, her school had custom-made a page with the list of videos, so this method did not work on that page. I no longer have distance education courses (nor do I expect to have any more through the rest of my education), so I doubt I can help with your problem. But yes it should read exactly as I posted, if your mediasite experience is the same as mine was.

  3. Zaatour36 says:

    hi Richard,

    thanks for the post

    I’m a newbie and have no idea how to do this, can you explain in a simpler form “idiot proof” if you may 🙂


    • I have no idea if this will still work, but uh.. Open the javascript console in your browser (this varies per browser, google it to find out for yours), in the console box paste the snippet without the “javascript:” prefix (so, starting with __doPostBack), and hit enter.

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