About Me

ProfilePic2 I’m Richard Carter. You may see me online as Ricket or Ricky28269.

I’m a student at NC State University. My major is Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics and a concentration in Game Development. I am set to graduate in May 2012, and have done very well grade-wise.

I’m a software developer. I have years of experience and multiple jobs in the industry. Please view my resume for details, as any description here is bound to be out of date given my student status.

I’m a game developer. I am active in the game development scene here in the Triangle, and was previously president of the Video Game Development Club at NC State. I am always studying game development and software development techniques, and I am a moderator at the Game Development Stack Exchange. I have participated in the Global Game Jam for the past couple years and several Ludum Dares, and I track a large quantity of game development blogs and websites. In addition, I did one semester of undergraduate research for Dr. R. Michael Young, AI and game development professor here at NC State.