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An Era of Open-Mindedness

About three weeks ago, I bought a MacBook Pro. This is my first Mac, with the exception of the Macintosh Plus that I played with as a 3-year-old (all 1 megabyte of RAM, and an expensive hard drive which I broke…). I’d been researching laptops for a few months, but only in the last month or so did I consider getting a Mac. I opened my mind to the possibility, and suddenly instead of being opposed to them, I saw all the great things about Macs. I am now absolutely thrilled with my 17” MacBook Pro and the benefits make up for the outrageous price. My biggest reason for going with the MBP, by the way, was peer pressure. I looked around me, and I saw that most computer scientists smarter than me use MacBook Pros. I knew there had to be something to them. Well now I have experienced it first hand.

Anyway, then another open minded thing happened. In my Game Design & Development class, we have been given an assignment to create a game in Unity. We were warned early on in the semester, and I dreaded it. Sure, I’m well aware that Unity is all the rage nowadays, but I have this odd opposition to many game engines and development kits. I had a miserable time doing research a year ago because I was working with UDK, and now having heard of the Unity project, I was dreading it. But now that I’m in the middle of my assignment, and being forced to use it, I have finally seen the elegance of Unity. I hate that it’s essentially monopolizing the game middleware scene, just as I hate that Apple tries to monopolize and proprietary-ize their computer scene, but I do now understand the good and bad of it.

I wonder if this “open-minded era” of mine will be a trend, or if it was just a two-time coincidence. Having an open mind is a great thing; it’s good to give the other side a chance.

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Microsoft Security Essentials Connection Failed in Windows XP

I reformatted a laptop with Windows XP SP3; updated drivers, completely ran Windows Update, and installed Firefox and Microsoft Office. Then I went to install Microsoft Security Essentials. It installed fine, but when it tried to update virus and spyware definitions, it got all the way to the end (“Installing…”) and then had a “Connection Failed” error.
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On being selfish

In real life I’m selfish; I think mostly about myself in many of the things I do. On the contrary, on the internet I’m very selfless. I stop to answer a question on Stack Overflow, or post on a forum. When I figure out something complicated, I write a detailed post in my blog so that others can find my post via Google and not have to go through the trouble I went through.

I need to reverse these. In real life I want to strive to be selfless. When on the computer, I want to avoid wasting time on Stack Overflow and the like when I could be working on something more productive or otherwise bettering myself.

Time for a role reversal. Internet self, meet real life self.

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iTunes Organization Problems

How do your organize your song library? I have a library of about 1,200 songs (which I just finished pruning from the 2,000 that it was a week ago). But even with the cruft now removed, I am still left with some whole albums, many singles, and basically a gigantic pile of songs which have no order.

How does one organize 1,200 songs? I don’t know what sort of playlists I want, nor what to call them.

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First actual try with Unity

I just actually spent some time with Unity, unbiased and with the understanding that it’s a requirement of my school assignment. Turns out, it’s actually really awesome. Complicated, but awesome. Maybe I’ll post screenshots when I do more.

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How to Train Your Dragon

Is the best movie ever!

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iPod Airplane Mode

My iPod Touch 2G has been dying every few days. I hardly use it. So I figured the battery life is being drained by its constant wireless connection, despite having switched notifications practically off. I’m sure something was probably still pushing, keeping the connection going. In any case, I have now flipped it to airplane mode and it seems to be lasting a REALLY long time!

Speaking of lasting a long time, my new MacBook Pro is also lasting a really really long time. It’s very nice to be able to use a computer without needing to scope out an outlet! I love it.

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Fresh start

I wanted to start this blog over again, but the existing posts are too funny. So this is my divider line; perhaps I’ll start posting more often here, and if so, this is the beginning of that new era. I’ll keep you posted.

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Cracking Into a WEP Wireless Network

The following is the list of commands to crack into a WEP network on Ubuntu. It works for me so I’m recording it here; your experience may vary.
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